UBSA Pharma Industries

330KWp, on-grid system with fuel saver

Behold the marvel of sustainable energy at UBSA Pharma Industries, nestled in the heart of Al-Hraicheh! This visionary pharmaceutical company has embraced the power of the sun, ushering in an era of environmental responsibility and energy independence with their remarkable on-grid solar system. At the core of this solar transformation are three mighty Sungrow inverters, each boasting an impressive capacity of 110KW. These inverters stand as sentinels of energy conversion, their cutting-edge technology seamlessly transforming the sun’s radiant bounty into a source of reliable electricity for UBSA Pharma Industries. With precision and efficiency, they ensure that every photon of sunlight is harnessed to power the company’s operations, reducing their carbon footprint and reliance on conventional energy sources. The intelligence behind this solar symphony is further enhanced by the COM100E datalogger, which acts as the maestro of data collection and management. It orchestrates the flow of information, providing real-time insights into the system’s performance, ensuring optimal operation, and allowing UBSA Pharma Industries to monitor their environmental impact and energy savings. But the stars of this solar extravaganza are undoubtedly the 500 LONGi HIMO5 solar panels, each boasting a remarkable 545Wp rating plus 100 panels of new technology HIMO6 of 575Wp. Like a gleaming sea of sun-catchers, these photovoltaic champions adorn the company’s rooftops, absorbing sunlight with unparalleled efficiency. Their advanced technology ensures they continue to generate power even under challenging conditions, making them a beacon of sustainability and resilience. In this solar endeavor, no detail has been overlooked. Every cable and protection mechanism has been meticulously installed to guarantee the system’s reliability and safety. It’s a testament to UBSA Pharma Industries’ commitment to excellence in solar energy. And as if this weren’t impressive enough, the system is further equipped with a DEIF ASC 4 Solar fuel saver controller. This innovative addition optimizes energy consumption, ensuring that every kilowatt-hour produced is used with utmost efficiency. It’s a testament to the company’s dedication to not only harnessing the power of the sun but also making the most of every drop of solar energy. UBSA Pharma Industries in Al-Hraicheh has not only embraced a sustainable future but is now leading the way with an on-grid solar system that represents the pinnacle of modern technology, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. It’s a beacon of hope for a world in need of clean and sustainable energy solutions, and a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets environmental consciousness. We stand by our work with a full one-year warranty, including spare parts and maintenance services beyond the warranty period. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your solar energy needs!