Sungrow Lebanon Signing Ceremony

IPS engineers team attended yesterday the Lebanon Signing Ceremony organized by Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. in Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel Beirut

 the Future Energy Renewable Summit take place in Lebanon. Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system supplier was key member of the summit, the Company shared insights in both solar and storage markets in varied applications, which is expected to fuel the energy transition.

Sungrow’s business strategy in the markets of the Middle east is optimistic. According to, Sungrow Head of Sales, the markets are focused on the deployment of more solar energy, although some stand out for their stability and growth potential.

Lebanon is presented as a solid market, among the company’s target markets. 

The attributes of the Company allow it to have greater ambitions. When it comes to the core of its success, Oliver Quintero, Key Account Manager at Sungrow said: “Technical innovations are the core of our long-term development.” 

Sungrow’s Inverter for the utility-scale market is a flagship product among its numerous innovations. This product combines the advantages of both central and creating a more flexible design for different blocks sizes and allowing for easier on-site operation and maintenance. 

Sungrow’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop with inverters. The company is also focused on improving its energy storage offering. With an emphasis on storage density, cost reduction, and premium safety, Sungrow offers liquid cooled energy storage systems, the PowerStack and the PowerTitan.